@      Caesars releases its 2022 annual corporate social responsibility report

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Caesars releases its 2022 annual corporate social responsibility report

Caesars has released its 2022 corporate social responsibility report, detailing progress in five areas for 2022: environmental impact, diversity equity and inclusion, education, team member support and community investment.

Regarding its environmental impact, Caesars is working to divert waste from landfills, reduce water consumption and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. By 2050, Caesars anticipates reducing Scope one and two emissions by 100%.

In 2022, Caesars reduced water consumption by 14% compared to 2019.

When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, Caesars has pledged goals of achieving gender and racial equality in leadership roles by 2025. From 2020, up until 2022, the company saw a 106% increase in people of colour in senior leadership roles.

Doing its bit in education,Online Casino Games Caesars launched a new educational assistance programme for Team Members in July 2022, called All-In On Education. The programme provides tuition assistance, saving plans for university, scholarship opportunities, debt relief and low to no-cost education options.

Since implementing this in December 2022, the company has seen 29.3% of its staff utilise the company’s educational platform; 22 members received scholarships worth up to $20,000 and 400 team members received a share of $1m to alleviate university debt.

In 2022, Caesars invested $81m in communities in which it operates in. This amount includes $65m in mandated giving, $3.5m to Caesars Foundation, $1.6m in-kind and it also raised $2.4m from team member volunteering.

To show its support for its team members, Caesars introduced two new programmes focusing on team member benefits and safety. Caesar’s also enhanced its healthcare offering as well as providing a new security programme to enhance onsite safety.